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Can I promote my business through social networks?

A major challenge for any startup enterprise, but also for any company, that constantly wants to attract new customers, is the successful promotion. There are several promotion methods, but very often, the cost is unsustainable for a startup or a small business. The cost of an advertising campaign, for example through TV ads, is prohibitive for companies that take their first business steps or those with limited funds.

Up to recently, this would be a big problem for many companies. However, now the entrepreneurs have a great weapon upon their hands, which is nothing more than the social media. A relatively recent survey by eurostat, gives important information about the use of internet.

Can social networks help businesses to reach costumers who interest them (target group) directly and with no or low cost through social media?

The positive response will not be a surprise, since the significance of social media in promotion of the newly created and small businesses is already a fact. Social media have evolved from websites to spend your spare time in important allies of entrepreneurship.

A big question is, how can I successfully promote my business and achieve the commitment of the target group of my interest, through social networks?

Selection of the appropriate platform.

Each social media platform has a different use and attracts different audience. For example, Facebook is used more for communication between friends and family, Instagram for photo publishing, Twitter to publish information, mostly content, and LinkedIn and Google+ for professional use. For this reason, the choice should be made with caution and the approach must be different.

Selection of the appropriate target group.

In selecting the appropriate platform for any business, significant role plays the clarifying of the target group that interest us most. When we decide our target group, it becomes clearer which social media platform fits us most.

Commitment and content.

Once a company decides to start the promotion through social media, there should be commitment to its existing and potential customers. The flow of content should be regular and the content to be substantial and interesting. According to recent statistics, the content the consumers like most, are photos and videos.

Frequency of posts.

When we say, the flow of content to be regular, this does not mean it should be done through load of posts. The exaggeration, in this case, has the opposite effect. It is advisable to have a balance in content but also in the frequency of postings.

Social profile.

All companies that begin or have already started their business course, is important to have a social profile. And as regards the company’s presence in social media, the public stands companies that are not only interested in selling their products, but also are interested in the well being of the society.

The fact is, that social media marketing is a very useful tool for businesses, that will last long. However, the use of social media should be specific and diverse depending on the nature of the enterprise. For an effective and successful application, every business should discover what fits best. Supporters in this effort, are companies that specialize in social media marketing and can offer assistance to startup and small businesses.

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