Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy 1 being an IT consulting company and at the same time participating in a large number of projects, is responsible for the management of several Social Media accounts. Except to the company’s corporate accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube, manages the accounts of its customers and partners, as well as several Social Media accounts for its projects. This Policy defines the ways and methods of using them, as well as their content.

The corporate Social Media accounts, the accounts of ‘s clients, as well as the accounts of the projects, are strictly intended for use on the related subject and its promotion only and are prohibited from being used for unrelated matters. Particularly, the use of these accounts by their administrators is prohibited for the following publications:

  • Of personal nature,
  • Abusive content,
  • Inappropriate multimedia (photos, videos, audio files, etc.),
  • Posting threatening, racist, sexist, or generally offensive content,
  • Encouragement of bullying practices,
  • Personal information and data of the manager / administrator / editor, or of third parties,
  • Disclosure of confidential information and archive.

The aforementioned Social Media accounts are used only in relation to the purposes for which they are created, and to promote them. Relevant publications are always made with respect to third parties, directly or indirectly interested, and always in consultation with partner-clients, when it comes to the respective accounts. respects others in any online social interaction. is committed to the continuous monitoring of the Applicable Legislation, as well as to the development of its practices and methods, to offer a safe and healthy working environment, for all employees, as well as partners / customers.

The policy is reviewed annually or upon internal or external demand.

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