Social Skills in Female Entrepreneurship

Invitation to Evaluate the Self-Assessment Tool  

An ICT Self-Assessment Tool for diagnosis of social skills and competences in the CCIs Sector has been implemented. It offers self-assessment in seven (7) competences’ areas:

  • “Adaptability”,
  • “Communication”,
  • “Resilience”,
  • “Leadership”,
  • “Emotional Intelligence”,
  • “Creative Thinking” and
  • “Intercultural Awareness”

Each choice of statements of the self-assessment lead to different assessment levels results of the different competence areas, and the description of the final individual result, is available in downloadable and printable document.

Those of you, that already run or willing to initiate your businesses in the CCIsS, you are welcome to visit this ICT Tool, to participate in its evaluation actively and effectively. The procedure to realize your evaluation is the following:

  • You will find the link to the ICT Self-Assessment Tool here. The time for filling in the ICT Tool’s questionnaire is approx. 10 minutes.
  • You will find the evaluation questionnaire for your evaluation here. The time for filling in the evaluation questionnaire is estimated to be less than 5 minutes.

Objective of ICT Self -Assessment Tool

The ICT self-assessment tool has been developed within the implementation context of the European project Erasmus+ KA2, Female Entrepreneur: Reimagine your Professional self through Culture, in English, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Romanian. and the rest of the project’s partners (you can see them here), situated in Greece, Spain, Belgium, Croatia, Romania and Cyprus,  have developed this ICT Self -Assessment Tool for Social Skills and Competences  for women that run their businesses or aspire to do so, in the Cultural and Creative Industries Sector (CCIs). The project aims at supporting, empowering and raising awareness, mostly for women entrepreneurs or women attempting to enter the entrepreneurial world, that come from vulnerable social backgrounds, to find all the concepts of creativity, innovation, democratisation and the digitisation of culture, in order to become creative for their own new business .

You can be constantly informed about project activities through project website and Facebook

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