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Start of the subsidized project Leader for the Prefecture of Achaia

The submission of proposals for the 4th Call of the Local Project LEADER 2007-2013 has begun, for the prefecture of Achaia. The Public Expenditure comes to 819.538,60 € in regard of the following actions:

• L123a: Increase in the Adding value of agricultural products, (processing and packing products), with the aid of 50%
• L312-1: Establish, expand and modernize small industrial units (i.e. woodwork products, ceramic products, jewelries) with the aid of 60%
• L312-2: Establish, expand and modernize service provision enterprises (i.e. alcohol trade enterprises, souvenirs and folk art trade enterprises, hairdresser enterprises) with the aid of 60%
• L312-3: Establish, expand and modernize enterprises which produce products after the first processing stage (i.e. small industrial units of bakery and confectionery, traditional pasta), with the aid of 60%
• L313-6: Establish, expand and modernize enterprises of rest and entertaining (i.e. restaurants, taverns, traditional café), with the aid of 60%

The subsidized expenditures are building construction or improvements, supply and establishment of new mechanical equipment, biological treatment facilities, expenditures for engineers and counsillors, licensings, patents, study and establishments of quality assurance, purchase of electronic devices sucs as computers, offices etc.

The closing date for project submission is 19/5/2015

For more information about the Leader project, click here only in greek language.