The Supporting Department  for SMEs and Start Ups, of the General Secretariat of Industry, published a research that has been held by online questionnaire in StartUpGreece, referring to the profile of startups in Greece.

The research addressed to existing startup companies, which are located in Greece or they are under Greek management and startups to be. The purpose of the research is to consider the business needs of the Greek startups, the profile of the existing and startup companies, the percentage of their participation in business supporting structures and their needs (incubators, hubs. etc.) The survey was held during the period from October 21st to November 25th, 2016.

From the 128 questionnaires that have been collected, the 65 of them had to do with existing companies and the other 63 referred to startups. The sample of the survey for the mapping of business needs cover almost equal the existing companies and startups.

According to the research:

• 76,3% of them were established the last 5 years.
• 95% of them have their tax base in Greece, with the 38,7% of them in the area of Athens and Piraeus
• 35,9% of the sample are activated in the IT sector and only 6,7% of them in the manufacturing sector.
• About the customer targeting, the 60,2% of the total sample are targeting the international markets, with the startups to be more optimistic (69,8%) than the existing companies (50,8%).
• 83,5% of the participants answered that their financing comes from equity and only 4.7% answered that will address bank loaning.
• 38,3% of the total participants answer that they use at least one supporting business structure (incubators, hubs etc).

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