The 4th EU Leaders newsletter has been published! The 4th newsletter. together with the EU Leaders project partnership, published the 4th newsletter of the project. We are getting closer and closer to the end of the project and our mission to meet the demands of modern leadership using digital tools and e-leadership skills has almost been achieved.


In the 4th newsletter of the project, you will find out more about the project, described below, and more about our next steps:

  1. Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments.
  2. e-Leadership Model adopted within tech-based and non-tech-based organisations.
  3. e-Leaders High-tech Course.
  4. e-learning platform for Leaders.
  5. Certification framework for the e-leadership skills.

Find the multilingual project results available here!

Partners have completed the pilot implementation phase of the                e-learning platform for Leaders and the certification framework for e-leadership skills, with the participation of over 30 e-leaders from Greece, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and Cyprus.

The Multiplier Events regarding the project and its results have already started to take place, in the form of seminars and workshops!

Don’t miss the opportunity to equip yourself with the best digital skills and lead the next era of leadership.

Read the 4th EU Leaders newsletter and learn about the future of leadership!

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