The KEYS’ kick off meeting continues

The KEYS’!  kickoff meeting, is taking place, during 16/03/2022 – 18/03/2022 in Bilbao. The KEYS! project’s partners, from 9 different countries and 10 different organisations, are meeting for the first time, in person, in Bilbao, by setting the frames and the timetable for the project’s implementation.

KEYS project! It focuses on education, the importance of long career, lifelong learning, social inclusion, and employment sustainability of migrants and is placed under the spotlight right on time! This project’s starting point could not have had a better timing, just as the immigration crisis developing in Ukraine and the continued movement of people, caused by the Russian invasion at the end of February, are at their peak.


On 16/03/2022, the first day of the meeting, partners made a small presentation of their organisation and discussed, in general, about the deliverables of the project. After sharing their views regarding the aims, content and frames of the project deliverables, they discussed the difficulties they might face during the implementation, but also shared some possible solutions.

The KEYS’ kick off meeting continues 1


Today, on the 2nd day of their meeting, 17/03/2022, the partners are discussing in detail about the deliverables of the project. The partners will agree on the layout, the content and then they will create a first draft of what they want to achieve.

The KEYS’ kick off meeting continues 2


Tomorrow, the last day of the kickoff meeting, on 18/03/2022, the partners will discuss their next steps regarding the implementation of the project, in order to unlock the key competences of migrant education.

For more information, visit the project’s website!

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