The last Transnational Meeting for the RE-CREW project in Italy. team was in Potenza, Italy, for the last Transnational Meeting of the RE-CREW project. The transnational meeting was hosted by EXEO Lab and attended by representatives of the six (6) project partners. The project is mainly targeted at entrepreneurs, CEOs and HR and aims to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face many daily challenges in finding the right employees and recruitment.

During the meeting, partners put the final touches on the project results, following the successful pilot phase in the previous period. The project deliverables are ready and have been released on the project website here, in English, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, Slovenian and Italian.

On the project webpage you can find the guide ” How to recruit in Small Businesses. Analysis of the needs, barriers & opportunities”. In addition, you can use the Digital Assessment Tool to find out your readiness, in different areas, to undertake any effective and efficient recruitment. One of the most important results of the project is the Online Training Platform, that has been developed, where you will learn and advance the knowledge for recruiting your SME. Finally, you will find the Open guide for Vocational Education and Training (VET) trainers. The innovative OPEN GUIDE for VET Trainers, a comprehensive manual for designing, developing and delivering effective and engaging training for the European small businesses in order for them to easily, effectively and successfully undertake any recruitment process.

Partners discussed in detail about the project’s dissemination and its results after the presentation of, which is also responsible for its promotion. Of course, the plan for the exploitation of the project results was also discussed in detail, which was presented by We Are Entrepreneurs.

Partners have already started planning the Multiplier events for the project, which will involve over 300 participants in total, in all partner countries.

Check out some of the meeting highlights below!

Stay tuned for more!

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