The learning style of children and adolescents.

European research on learning styles.

In the framework of the European project ProLearn, research is being carried out in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Poland and Romania to diagnose the cognitive abilities and effective learning skills of school children aged 11-14 years.

For this research, an innovative digital diagnostic tool (e-tool) has been developed, which aims to contribute to the diagnosis of the preferred learning style and cognitive processes of school-age children and adolescents (11-14 years old).

Usefulness of the research.

μαθησιακό στυλ παιδιών

Education and training systems in Europe often do not provide sufficient targeted support for pupils to overcome emotional, social or educational difficulties and to remain in education and training. Responding to the different learning styles of pupils and helping teachers to address the variable needs of mixed ability groups of pupils remains a challenge for schools.

An accurate diagnosis of pupils’ cognitive abilities and their preferred learning styles would allow for the adaptation of teaching methodologies and the development of an individual programme of educational support for each child.

The aim of the ProLearn project research team is therefore to develop tools that will allow teachers to diagnose the learning style of each student and to adapt the teaching methods they use to the individual needs of each child.

Research implementation process.

μαθησιακό στυλ,learning style

The data required in the research will be collected through the completion of an anonymous online tool (e-tool, which is in the form of a questionnaire) by school children aged 11 to 14 years old.

The e-form will be completed by the pupils either under the supervision of teachers (in school) or under the supervision of their parents (at home).The aim is to collect data from 500 children and adolescents aged 11 to 14 from each survey country (2,500 participants in total).

The results of the survey will be published on the project website and will be used for the final development of the diagnostic tools designed.

In Greece, the survey will be conducted by p-consulting.gr. Members of our project team will inform parents and students who are interested in participating in the survey about the process of conducting the survey by providing all the requested information.

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