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The life of a caregiver of a person who suffers from Dementia

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The daily routine with a person with Dementia, can be very hard to handle. Dementia’s difficulties bring to the force problems and conflicts that do not facilitate the daily lives of members of the family with Dementia or their caregivers. But, there is always a bright side on every side of life, so here are some tips for those who work or live with people with Dementia.


Some useful information about Dementia!

caregivers lives article forp-2Dementia is used to describe the variety of brain disorders that have as common result the loss of function. Although dementia affects the lives of seniors, it often affects the lives of their family and friends too.

The person who suffers from dementia it is possible to show up:

• Memory loss,
• Changes in behavior
• Emotional fluctuations
• Confused thoughts

In a disease like dementia, it is also very important the early diagnosis. Many symptoms of Dementia, if they are diagnosed on early stages, from the family or the friendly environment, can be treated. People with Dementia are possible to show up:


• Depression
• Respiratory and urinary tract infections
• Severe constipation

• Thyroid insufficiency
• Inadequate absorption of vitamins
• Brain tumors



Of course, diagnosis is very important for carers of people with dementia because they have the opportunity to get informed, to seek for assistance from health professionals in order to have psychological support and consulting.


Tips to make your work easier!


Establish a daily routine!

Establish activities and maintain a normal routine for a person with Dementia. It is necessary for them to stay as much as independent they can. If the patient remains autonomous, it will help him reduce the stressful feelings that they may feel. It is very important too, for the person who lives with Dementia, the sense of humor!


Have fun!

Humor can reduce stress and prevent depression. So, make the person you care, laugh as much as you can!


Be careful of your patient’s habits!

Exercise helps to keep a healthy physical and mental state. Help the person you care to adopt exercises and activities tailored to his needs and the stage of disease his facing. Always by the guidance of doctors.

Make sure the person follows his daily dental routine and meals.

One of the biggest problems caregivers have to deal with is malnutrition, as the person may forget to eat.

Please, read more useful and practical information from World Health Association:


Υour work counts!

The care of a person with dementia needs special attention in all stages of the disease. It is likely that this emotional burden to affect the caregiver in his work. The caregivers should discuss and ask for help.

Don’t forget the importance of your work as a caregiver on a person with dementia life.

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p-consulting always tries to bring up and find solutions to social problems. We are proud to announce our participation in the European programs, Deal and D-care.


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