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The Multiplier Event for European Project SCORE was successfully finalized

On Wednesday, November 13, the Multiplier Event for European Project SCORE took place at the Astir Hotel by University of Patras, project coordinator and, project partner in Greece. The Multiplier Event focused on the refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The purpose of the event was to inform the public concerned, about the objectives and the contribution of the Project in their hospitality.

The Multiplier Event started with the greetings of Mr. Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos from, with an introduction of the Project. Then followed the presentation of Dr. Apostolos Veizis, Executive Director of Doctors without Borders, providing a picture to the audience of the overall situation and conditions in hotspots.

In the second part of the Multiplier Event, Ms. Anna Mastorakou, President of the Medical Association of Patras, presented the challenges and the difficulties that doctors face in sanitary care of refugees/immigrants. Mr. Nabil Morant, ex-Mayor of Andravida-Kyllini, stated how important is the role of topical self-government in the organization and management of refugees. The speech of two young doctors followed, Mr. George Res and Mr. George Niotis, sharing with the audience their experience from the center of immigrants in Kyllini. Ms. Charatini-Maria Skoulidi from, presented the concept of the Project and provided useful information to the public.

Finally, pr. Apostolos Vantarakis, professor of University of Patras in Medical Department and coordinator of the Project, presented the training program for health professionals and public servants.

The participation in the Multiplier Event was great. All participants showed great interest in the humanitarian crisis of refugees/immigrants. The presentations were followed by extensive discussion between speakers and attendees.

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Multiplier Event for European Project SCORE