The project “AIDA” participates in a very interesting Erasmus+ (KA2) project, entitled AIDA “Active Aging For the Elderly With ID”. The duration of the project is 2 years and started in October 2020.

Project is focuses in the active participation of the elderly with intellectual disabilities in society, through the development of actions to enhance the knowledge and skills of VET teachers and professionals employed in the care of the elderly with intellectual disabilities, in order to provide a high level of specialized services.

VET teachers and professionals will be able to use the acquired knowledge in their daily work, but above all to pass it on to their students attending health service departments.

Who is it about? AIDA_01

AIDA is mainly targeting to:

  • VET trainers in the field of health service provision,
  • professionals and trainers of elders with ID.

In addition, the project is targeting indirectly to the following target groups:

  • Trainees in VET, who will receive specialized training in the provision of care to elderly with ID.
  • VET Bodies and other relevant organisations.
  • Elderly people with ID and their families.


What is to be produced?

  • Profile of elderly people with intellectual disabilities

    Project partners will identify and record the specific characteristics and specific needs of older people with ID – depending on their age and type of mental disability – so as to create their profile.

    The creation of the profile of the elderly with intellectual disabilities will help to record the specific technical skills that vet instructors and specialist professionals have to possess for the care of this population group or the training of the students in this subject.

    Both the profile of older people with ID and the identification of the technical skills of professionals will be useful tools not only for education institutions, but also for organizations providing care and support to people with ID. will participate to the implementation of the desk research in Greece, for the creation of the profile and the recording of specific technical skills.

  • Training Program

    The training program that will be crated will include the data of the previous deliverable and will aim at the specialized training of VET trainer and professionals in the care of people with disabilities, in order to obtain the theoretical background and knowledge required for the care of the elderly people with ID. The aim is for this knowledge to be transferred to students attending courses on the subject.

    The training program will be multilingual (English, Greek, Spanish and Danish) and will be involved in its development together with all project partners.

  • Online educational platform

    The training of VET trainers and professionals is scheduled to take place online. The transformation of the educational program and educational material into a digital product and the creation of the asynchronous e-learning platform will be done by, with the participation of all project partners.


Project Partners

Project partners are experienced organisations from Spain, Greece, Denmark and United Kingdom:


1st Partners Meeting AIDA_02

On 7th October 2020, took place the 1st partners meeting. The meeting was implemented online due to the inability of partners to travel, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the meeting, partners discussed the objectives of the project and developed the guidelines for the implementation of the first project activities, which is to create the profile of the elderly with ID.



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