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The psychological consequences of learning disabilities

Learning disabilities exist since human has to process information and learn. With the passage of time, they are becoming more and more popular, as the society focus on learning and education. Learning disabilities last as long as person’s life, negatively affecting all aspects of it.

Every child is unique, especially when it appears learning disabilities. It presents different combination and seriousness of problems and shortages in basic learning processes. How parents and educators could help those children to face up this situation with the least psychological consequences?


What are the psychological consequences of learning disabilities?

The psychological consequences of learning disabilities 1

Children with learning disabilities almost every day experience situations of shame, anxiety, disappointment, social isolation, melancholy and lack of self-confidence. Situations like these, have serious consequences for a child of elementary school and they contribute at the creation of low self-confidence. Due to their low performance they are not often praised and there is no internal satisfaction. In cases that the learning disabilities are combined with hyperactivity, children are receiving poor reviews for their performance and behavior. Students with learning disabilities accept school bullying more than other children. This is the reason that they have school phobia and often even depression.


The key for the proper treatment of learning disabilities is the right information of parents and educators.


Parents and educators

Parents and educators have to show constantly to the child their acceptance and respect, in order to enhance its self-confidence. Helping his internal peace, they encourage him to achieve even more. They have to make the child understand that mistakes and failures, not only are acceptable, but also expected and are learning opportunities. Failures will lead them in success no matter how disappointed they are over the years.


The European project Erasmus+ Magicsens aims at enhancing the skills and competences of educators, in order to be able to deal with children with learning disabilities.

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