The Second Encounter

Ice Cold

Coming from a hot as hell, end-of-May meeting in Greece, Lublin was a huge leap. Not really important towards which direction, it still was a lot different. The beautiful cityscape, decorated with fresh and puffy snow, was the ideal venue, not only for silly fun games, but also for the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting of iLearn4Health, which took place between the 13th and 14th of December. And believe us when we say, that wandering the streets with -15 °C, really makes you consider how good you’ve taken care of your health.

The time had thus come, for the partnership to meet again, face to face, evaluate what has been done up to date, and what is to follow. On the focus the ‘Electronic Diagnostic Tool’, through which students and teachers alike, will be able to assess the effectiveness of knowledge acquisition through DGBL, and the questionnaires that are currently under development. These, shall be used in order to provide insight on students’ health habits, physical and mental alike. For the finalization of the mentioned questionnaires, experts from all participant countries have been called forth, to offer their precious help, in order for the questionnaires to become the best versions of themselves.

The meeting in Lublin was not all fun and games.

It was tons of fun however, and also had games. 6 of them actually. After a short break, much needed to catch our breath, we got down to business, and in particular down to play. Not yet, since the iLearn4Health educational games are not ready just yet, but it was a first class chance to carve the roadmap around which, they shall be developed. 6 games that focus on different fields of youngsters physical and mental health, as well as the implications these have in their everyday and social life.

After a few hours, and after we had discussed on the so far progress, and developed a framework for what is to come, we were almost done. A quick summary of all, arrangements for the upcoming, online this time, meetings, some paperwork and quality reports, and we all felt that the time of packing up, was closing in.

On The Road Again

We roamed the iced streets during the night, threw snowballs, always aiming for the head, and fought – off the bone chilling cold with warm wine and soup. The most fulfilling fact however is that iLearn4Health, a project that focuses on the very essence of life, is growing day by day, and is now at the flourish point. What is to come is marvelous, and the meeting in Lublin was the best example on that. Until the 3rd Encounter!

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