Think Twice! is developing, together with the other partners of the ThinkTwice! project, had a key online meeting for the project.

Having already completed the treasury, as of today, a solid foundation was laid for the creation of the 2nd deliverable of the project.

The Treasury

With the new year, those who are interested in Think Twice can gain important knowledge on how to manage their projects in an environmentally friendly way.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the project partners were able to successfully complete the 1st deliverable. They thus created the Curated Treasury of good practice in ecologically sustainable management.

The beneficiaries of the Treasury are mainly European projects’ managers. It can be also a useful tool for all project managers, regardless of their field of activity.

You can find more information about the Treasury, as well as about the multiplier events that took place in Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Serbia and Spain in the 2nd Newsletter.

Online meeting and next steps

Today, 18.02.2022, the 1st online meeting of the year took place.

Think Twice

The focus of the discussion was the 2nd deliverable, which will enable project managers to check the eco-sustainability of their personal project management.

During the meeting all the material that will compose it were presented and the timeline was set.

Now the partners are aware of all the steps to be followed until the project is completed and are fully equipped to deliver a perfect result.


Stay tuned for more news!

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