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Think Twice! project

A new innovative Erasmus+ Project (KA2) started in September 2020, in which participates as project partner.

Project is called “Think Twice! – Ecological sustainability in project management”, and is aiming in:

  • strengthening ecological sustainability in the context of the implementation of European projects
  • raising public awareness of the possibility of implementing green project management procedures
  • providing good practices regarding ecological sustainability in project management


Who is it addressed to?

Think Twice! is addressed to:

  • experienced project managers, in EU-funded projects
  • new or less experienced project managers, who wish to be involved in the implementation of EU- funded projects
  • organization and companies running EU- funded projects


What is going to be produced?

During project’s lifetime, the following intellectual outputs will be produced:

1. Curated Treasury of good practices in ecologically sustainable project management

The Treasury which will be produced, will be addressed to project managers in European projects and will include:

  • a collection of good practices from the participating partner countries – for all single points and activities where a project could be “greener”
  • for all these activities in a project a display of the pros and cons of the more or less green alternatives
  • a checklist for project management teams, where they can check within the development and implementation of their project if they thought about the different alternatives at any point will work for the development of the output along with the other project partners


2. Stress Test of current practice leading to a personalised Learning Pathway

An interactive Stress Test “How green is the management of my project?” will be developed to test the ecological sustainability of own project management. The Stress Test will take a different strategy to approach the topic of ecological sustainability in project management, through game-based learning methodology. Stress Test will also be linked to a Learning Pathway, to which the project managers will be redirected for further information and learning materials on ecological sustainability in managing projects. will work for the development of the Stress Test and the training material, along with the other project partners


Project Partners

Partners to Think Twice! project are very experienced organizations in EU-funded projects:

The knowhow of project partners’ in implementing European projects is the key for the successful implementation of Think Twice! project and the production of high-quality intellectual outputs.


Next project activities

Think Twice! partners organized their 1st transnational meeting on 19th & 20th November 2020, during which they discussed the first activities which will be developed in the upcoming months. These activities are:

  • Development of the official project website, by
  • Development of the branding and communication plan of the project, by
  • Development of the Project Quality Assurance Plan
  • Conduction of a research for good practice for ecologically sustainable project management.

Think Twice! project 1

Stay tuned to learn about our upcoming activities!

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