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Training for IT trainers

Online training program for IT trainers of seniors

The use of ICT and of the new technologies has been rapidly increased during the last years. This became more obvious during the pandemic, as everyone needs to work, communicate and be entertained by using technology.

Communication through the use of new technologies is very important not only at young ages, but also to older people. However, a high percentage of them do not know how to use computers, smart phones and/or several applications. So, it is crucial to educate seniors in their proper use.


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The training of seniors, especially in the use of new technologies, should be done by trainers who are aware of the specific needs of this group of trainees. Knowledge of educational techniques is also required for the successful approach and training of older people., as the responsible organisation for the creation of the educational platform, participates in the development of a training program for IT trainers on how to teach seniors. Emphasis is given on the techniques and methods that should be used, in order the training process to be effective and constructive.

The training program is developed under the framework of implementation of the European project Slow Learning, in collaboration with the other project partners.


After its completion, the training program will be available online and free of charge, in English, Greek, Slovenian, Danish and Spanish.

Stay tuned to learn more news about the training program!

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