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Training platform D-Care

The training platform D-Care will be ready soon. The educational course, which will be hosted in the platform, will be addressed to the project partners. p-consulting.gr, as an IT company, has undertaken the creation of the synchronous and interactive platform.

The online platform D-Care will host the internal training among the project partners on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – CST. When the training will be completed, the partners will create the training course for caregivers with people with dementia.


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Platform D-Care

The platform D-Care is asynchronous, responsive, based on wordpress and offers all the necessary services to the trainees. It also offers protected area of communication between trainers and trainees, forum of discussion and provides all the modern multimedia tools for the best and most efficient digital education.

The D-Care project, whose project partner in Greece is p-consulting.gr, aims to train professionals and non-professionals caregivers of people with dementia. Through the training course which will be produced, caregivers will be able to acquire knowledge and competences necessary for the improvement of quality of life of people with dementia. Organizations from Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium and Spain participate as partners in the project.

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