Transnational Project Meeting and Final Conference Catalyses Success for AWARE Project

Our partners from various European nations convened for a crucial transnational project meeting under the Erasmus+ KA2 AWARE initiative on October 12th and 13th, 2023. The meeting, hosted by CCIS, played a pivotal role in advancing the project’s goals and objectives. Partners collaboratively discussed and evaluated the project’s progress, setting the stage for its future success.

The first day of the meeting commenced with the partners’ arrival and a warm welcome from CCIS, providing an overview of the meeting’s itinerary and goals. This set the tone for the productive sessions that followed.

The day was structured around project results, focusing on the “AWARE Knowledge Base”. Partners received updates on the project’s status and gained insights from national testing reports across various partners’ countries. Discussions also centered on uploading content in national languages and enhancing the “Opportunity Corner.” Throughout the day, partners addressed various matters to ensure effective communication and cooperation.

Next focus point was “AWARE Masterclass” result.” This session covered findings from an external assessment evaluation by Wisamar, and result finalization of modules, introductory videos, and translation in partners’ languages. Additionally, partners developed implementation and reporting guidelines for the upcoming national testing phase.

A well-timed coffee break provided an opportunity for networking and reflection. The day continued with exploration of “AWARE Self-assessment Kit”, an online game, exploring self-assessment of awareness regarding safe cyber navigation. Partners received updates on tasks and milestones, development progress, and upcoming deadlines, ensuring the project stayed on track. The session concluded with discussions involving all partners.

Day one concluded with Quality Management discussions, including an overview of the 3rd Quality Assurance Questionnaire results. Partners also initiated discussions on content revision and improvement. Impact and Sustainability were the focus of the final session, with partners reviewing the status of the Stakeholder Pool, engaging in an Impact+ Tool exercise. The day came to a close with partners giving feedback and open questions, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of the project.

Day two marked the project’s final conference, held immediately following the TPM activities. The conference featured insightful discussions centered around the project’s accomplishments and impact. It provided an opportunity for partners to present the latest developments, share their experiences, and celebrate the project’s successes. The agenda for the final conference encompassed a comprehensive summary of the project’s journey, including its objectives, outcomes, and the way forward.

The combination of the transnational project meeting and the final conference solidified the project’s trajectory and brought partners together to shape a brighter future for the Erasmus+ KA2 AWARE initiative. This gathering marked a significant milestone in empowering learners with essential skills and knowledge, further underscoring the importance of international collaboration in education.

These milestones, as well as other activities the project partners are involved in, underscore our commitment to empowering learners with essential skills and knowledge across Europe. The AWARE project continues to thrive, thanks to the dedication and collaborative efforts of our partners. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards educational excellence and impact in Newsletter No.2, available here.

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