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TuDOrs: Three-Day Training in Reus, Spain

Three-Day Training in Reus, Spain, for Foreign Language Teachers on Learning Difficulties


TuDOrs: The project and its results

TuDOrs “Turning Learning Disabilities into Opportunities” is an Erasmus+ KA2 Project, targeted to foreign language teachers, centres and educational organisations providing foreign language education, which aims to develop innovative training materials and tools related to the teaching of foreign languages to individuals with learning disabilities.

Together with our partners in the project (view them here), located in Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Romania, and Cyprus, we have already developed a training programme that will be provided online and freely to all, in English, Slovenian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Greek, and has been based on good practices, methods, techniques, and strategies related to teaching individuals with learning difficulties.

In addition, the project’s consortium has developed an innovative digital self-assessment tool for foreign language teachers, which will be freely available also in the above-mentioned languages, through the web platform, in order to enable them to assess their level of knowledge, skills and training on matters faced by learners with learning difficulties, and how to focus their teaching on them.


The Training Seminar in Reus, Spain from 31.08 to 02.09.2022

As the project is in its final phase of implementation, a three-day training seminar, hosted by the “Associació de Programes Educatius OpenEurope”, one of the two Spanish partners, based in Reus, Spain, was organised and implemented, and attended by the partners together with language teacher participants from their countries, who have been involved in the implementation of the project results.

The three-day training seminar included an in-depth presentation of the online training programme “Teaching Foreign Languages to Students with Learning Difficulties” and its 8 modules:

Modules’ No Title of Module
Module 1 About Learning Difficulties
Module 2 Learning Outcomes in FLT
Module 3 Key Principles Described
Module 4 Lessons Methodology
Module 5 Exercises
Module 6 Tips for Teachers
Module 7 Good practices
Module 8 How to Assess the Learning Outcomes


as well as the presentation and first evaluation, by the participants, of the digital self-assessment tool for language teachers.

In addition, during the training sessions, training activities were carried out, participants being divided in groups, so as to familiarize them with methodologies and techniques such as:

  • Teaching discrete trial teaching (DTT)
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).
  • The presentation of scenarios for dealing with learners with different learning difficulties and how to optimally deal with, and integrate them in the educational environment,
  • case studies regarding proper adaptation of generalised teaching tips for learners with different and combined learning difficulties

presentation of best practice in adapting the Montessori Method to adults with language learning difficulties and scenarios for a holistic approach to these cases.

TuDOrs: Three-Day Training in Reus, Spain 1

What is coming up soon!

As the project consortium completes the development of the training programme “Teaching Foreign Languages to Students with Learning Difficulties” and the digital self-assessment tool for teachers of foreign languages to students with learning difficulties, an invitation to participate in free training sessions for the online training programme and the self-assessment tool will follow shortly.

Stay tuned to keep up to date with TuDOrs news and our ongoing activities, from the project’s Web platform, Facebook and Twitter.


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