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Upcoming project with grant up to 20,000€ for new businesses outside agriculture

This particular action is part of the investment tool of the Rural Development Projects. According to information, the programme is expected to begin in 2016, and will be able to participate in this individuals with family income up to 25,000 euros that staying in small rural communities (up to 5,000 pop) and they want to do business in other sectors, except for agriculture. The action Beginng of no rural business activity at agricultural areasit gives the oportunity to farmers and memeber of farmers hauseholds to create their own – non agricultural – business.


The aid amount will be ranged from 11,000€ to 20,000€ per beneficiary (individual) and will be given as follow:


a. 11.000E for the commence of services provision (e.g. architectural design office)
b. 16.000E for the commence of activities irrelevant to the above case (e.g. grocery)


The above amount will be increased proportional at 4.000€, whether the territory of permanent residence of beneficiaries, is in mountainous areas or on small islands (with population less than 3.000 residents), or a combination of the above.


Areas of coverage:
The support referred to specific categories of ‘’differentiated’’ non agricultural activities of secondary and tertiary sectors:


Activities for trade and remaking of non agricultural products (Except for food stuff), which are related to cottage industry, local products and small traditional creative business, such as textile industry, constructions with leather and cork, wickerwork, soap industry, pottery, traditional toys and carpentering).


KAD TEAMS: 14-17, 20, 23, 31, 32


Provision of scientific, technical, social services and small-scale retail that serve the local community and the daily needs of residents (such as geotechnical services, accounting, architecture, foreign or other education process, vet, health care, safe care of small children)
KAD TEAMS: 69-71, 73, 85-87, 96, 47


Activities related to culture, pleasure and specific types of tourism, such as accommodation, renting of leisure goods, and organization of cultural and other events.


KAD TEAMS: 55, 75, 91, 93


Activities for remaking of non agricultural products (food stuff), catering and retail of food and beverage that exerted simultaneously or independent. (e.g. branches of sanitary cases which there is combination of production, retail and consumption by clients in and out of those branches, such as dairy shops, patisseries, bakeries).
KAD TEAMS: 55, 75, 91, 93, 47