Virtual Possibilities: Exploring VR’s Potential for VET Education – Our participation in the educational activity in Spain as part of the European project CT:VR

Last week, p-consulting.gr took part in the educational activity held in Sopuerta, Spain, as part of our European project CT:VR – “Creative Teaching through Virtual Reality.” The educational program focused on effectively utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology for educational purposes. Throughout this weekly event, we gained valuable practical experience and knowledge that will allow us to seamlessly integrate virtual reality into our teaching methodologies.

Starting from the first day, we visited Ludus Global, a company specializing in virtual reality-based education for the healthcare, safety, and environment (HSE) sectors. During this visit, they kindly provided us with a comprehensive tour, familiarizing us with their work in the field of HSE education. Additionally, they demonstrated one of their educational products for firefighting, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of virtual reality in facilitating realistic and engaging safety simulations.

Continuing on the second day, we proceeded to the remarkable Vocational Education and Training Center (EEC) Somorrostro, where we were given a complete tour of their facilities. In particular, we observed the virtual reality learning room equipped with multiple stations featuring VR headsets. Furthermore, we explored another room adorned with 360-degree video projection technology and “interactive tables.” While describing the details of these tables in writing may prove challenging, the tables facilitated file sharing and displayed content on surrounding walls through motion sensors. It is worth noting that users could manipulate and resize the projected windows on the walls using remote gestures. Concluding the visit, we were presented with an overview of the units developed in their educational program.

Virtual Possibilities: Exploring VR's Potential for VET Education - Our participation in the educational activity in Spain as part of the European project CT:VR 1

On the third and final day, Centro San Viator graciously provided us with the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with their facilities, followed by detailed presentations on the remaining units and discussions focused on shaping plans for the next steps following the educational activity.

Considering the entirety of the week-long training, we appreciate the invaluable experience that immersed us in the realm of education based on virtual reality. We eagerly look forward to incorporating the knowledge and skills we acquired during this training into our own classrooms and programs.

Virtual reality represents an innovative milestone in promoting creativity and engagement in the field of learning, and we are excited to harness its potential to enhance the educational journey of students and learners.

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