We visited the IEK DELTA 360ο for the RE-CREW project!

The team of p-consulting.gr, was found at IEK DELTA 360Ο in Patras, in the framework of the European Erasmus+ project RE-CREW. RE-CREW project aims to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) perform recruiting, get ready to market and express their full potential!

As part of the project, the guide on “How to recruit/staff in Small Businesses! Analysis of needs, barriers and opportunities!”, has been created and is available here in seven (7) languages, while the other digital tools are in their pilot phase.

Why were we at IEK DELTA 360Ο?

p-consulting.gr in collaboration with IEK DELTA 360Ο organized a series of workshops entitled “Investing in Human Resources in SMEs” for the pilot phase of the online platform and the digital self-assessment tool. p-consulting.gr’s team was at IEK DELTA 360Ο in Patras, on 26.03.2024 and 02.04.2024.

In the context of the pilot phase of the project, students of Management and Economics, attended the blended training (the series of face-to-face workshops and the online training) to test the online platform and the digital self-assessment tool.


During the first workshop, p-consulting.gr firstly presented the self-assessment tool and then presented the four (4) videos created for each module of the online platform. The participation of the students in the workshops was excellent. After the first workshop, students were divided into groups and after being invited to register and watch the training material on the project’s online platform, they created their own projects. Each group invited to create a case study for each Module of the online platform. The modules of the online platform are the following:

  • Module 1: Setting up the hiring process.
  • Module 2: Health and Wellbeing at workplace.
  • Module 3: Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Module 4: Creating the DNA of the company.

During the second workshop, Management and Economics students answered the self-assessment tool and presented their work, which was based on each module of the online platform. The result was fascinating. The students shared with us their experience of the online (asynchronous) training and then evaluated the whole experience of participating in the workshops.

Below are some highlights from the workshops “Investing in Human Resources in SMEs”.


Last but not least, it is worth noting that in the pilot phase, of the online platform and the digital self-assessment tool, HR executives, CEOs, and SME owners, also participated in order to give us their feedback.

Stay tuned for more!

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