Welcome to our Climate Justice Living Lab project.

Our consortium gathered in Palermo, Italy (30.10 – 31.10) for the Kick Off Meeting of our Erasmus+ KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education project titled “Climate Justice Living Lab”.

The consortium comprised The University of Palermo, A SUD from Rome, The URV (the public university of Tarragona – Spain), p-consulting.gr, and the University of Mariupol in Ukraine.

The CJLL project aims to tackle the societal challenges presented by climate change by enhancing the role of higher education in climate law and justice. The project hopes to build the capacity of law professionals, students, activists, and journalists as actors of change. The project focuses on cross-sector cooperation and enhancing learning outcomes and curricula in this field. The expected results of the CJLL include innovative OERs, video pills, web talks, and public events aimed at engaging at least 200 law student participants and 120 activists. The interdisciplinary approach of our project and the integration of a living lab, modular course design, and flexible learning pathways make it innovative. The CJLL project will enable students, legal professionals, and scholars to develop essential skills, deepening their understanding of climate change challenges, and facilitate climate litigation in support of a just transition in our society.

Being enthusiastic about collaborating to achieve climate justice, during this meeting, we presented our project goals, work plan, timeline, and deliverables to all partners. We discussed financial provisions, guidelines, and reporting requirements and additionally, we focused on the project management plan, internal reporting, communication coordination, and set up the experts Advisory Board.

Furthermore, we explored dissemination activities and tools, including key points of the Consortium Agreement. This will establish a foundation for the successful implementation of our Training Curriculum, which is crucial for our work in other WPs and our WP3 handbook.

Moreover, we will utilize the living lab to inspire, encourage, and implement video pills, web-talks, and public events through our projects. We are eager to address practical work areas and engage in discussions about the next steps towards achieving our objectives.

As partners in this wonderful partnership, we are excited about the upcoming activities and opportunities. This Kick-Off Meeting positions us strategically and enables us to ensure climate justice in the long run. Stay tuned and continue to follow us for updates on our progress in the training curriculum, project management, our summer and winter schools and of course, for updates on our Living Lab and public events!

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