What do you know about EU Leaders?

EU Leaders is an Erasmus+ KA2 project. The duration of the project is 24 months. The project started its implementation on December 2021 and lasts in December 2023. 

EU Leaders project aims to provide the essential skills of post Covid era, for entrepreneurs/ employers, leaders, managers (as well as VET trainers, educators and mentors) in order to manage their teams effectively and efficiently within digital, thus virtual, working environments. Afterall fostering the competitiveness and productivity of businesses and organizations, through the development of strategic e-leadership skills are of utmost importance for today’s entrepreneurs / employers and leaders.

How are we going to succeed?

EU Leaders project

During EU Leaders’ project five (5) project results are going to be developed, to accomplish its aim:

  1. Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments.
  2. e-Leadership Model adopted within tech-based and non-tech-based organisations.
  3. e-Leaders’ High-tech Course.
  4. e-learning platform for Leaders.
  5. Certification framework for the e-leadership skills.

What has been done so far?

In March 2022, project’s partners, coming from 5 different countries, e-met for the first time and set the project’s framework and timetable for its implementation.

The second meeting held on April 2022 online and responsibilities for the next period were assigned to each partner separately.

Until today p-consulting.gr has created the project’s website and as dissemination leader has created all the essential dissemination material.

Check EU Leaders website!

Dissemination material

The dissemination material that p-consulting has created is going to be translated in each partner language (Greek, English, Dutch, Slovenian and German)

Check out the project’s brochure 

Check out the project’s poster! 

Next Step

Now, project’s partners are gathering good practices across Europe, as they are working for the creation of the first project result. The Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments.


Stay tuned for more EU Leaders news!

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