What is Green Project Management?

Online Workshop for the ecological sustainability in Project Management


What is ecological sustainability in project management, how green is the management of my projects? which good practices are implemented in European Level?

All of the above topics will be discussed on the online workshop hold by p-consulting.gr on Thursday 23.09.2021 from 16:00 – 18:00, titled Project Management Turns .

What is Green Project Management? 3The target groups of the workshop are project managers, project-based organisations, experts in green management and ecological sustainability, educational organizations and anyone who is interested in the topic.

The event is being organised under the implementation of European Project Erasmus+ “Think Twice!”, in which p-consulting.gr is a project partner.

During the workshop several topics regarding the ecological project management will be discussed, while at the same time the Curated Treasury of good practices in green project management will be presented.


What is Green Project Management? 4Official guest speaker to the workshop is Dr. Konstantinos Antonopoulos, researcher in Economic Geography (PhD), Sustainable Local Development Consultant (MSc) and postdoctoral lecturer at the University of Patras and at the Hellenic Open University.

The participation to the online workshop will be free of charge and certification of participation will be given.

Those who are interested attending the event, should fill the registration form at the following link:



Organization: p-consulting.gr
Project Website: “Think Twice!”
Communication: 2611.811.200, info[@]p-consulting.gr
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