Win On Line: 2nd Newsletter – March 2022

The European Erasmus+ KA2 project’s: WinOnLine 2nd Newsletter is on air! Since the beginning of year 2022, the project’s partners have been busy finalizing the two (2) training courses under development, following to desktop research, online workshops, and meetings. The online training aims at empowering and supporting female e-entrepreneurship and the know-how of creating and running an e-business. While, at the same time, there is a course being developed and finalized, regarding provision of mentoring to women that have a specific e-entrepreneurial idea, by specialized trainers (mentors).

In the 2nd Newsletter, the starting dates of the training course in all partners’ countries, are being announced, i.e., Finland, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Spain.

Do not miss out on next activities planned by partners!

Stay tuned to find out more on the project’s website and Facebook!

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