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WinOnLine Compendium for women entrepreneurship

European project WinOnLine, in which is a project partner, aims to train women over 40 years old, with low digital and entrepreneurial skills, who want to become entrepreneurs/e-entrepreneurs.

Compendium, the 1st intellectual output of the project, is now ready and available to project’s website. Responsible for the design and development of the Digitalised Compendium is


What is the Compendium?
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The Compendium is a Digital Tool, which contains existing innovative and effective practices and tools to support women entrepreneurship/e-entrepreneurship.

Project partners worked together for the collection of the best practices. Each partner collected existing methods and practices not only from its country, but also from other European countries. The aim was to gather as many good practices as possible.

At this stage, Compendium contains 25 best practices from 13 different countries: Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Who is it for?

Compendium is for:

  • Adult training providers;
  • Colleges;
  • Universities;
  • Women entrepreneurs or women who want to become entrepreneurs;
  • Experts in women entrepreneurship/e-entrepreneurship.

WinOnLine Compendium will be constantly updated throughout project’s lifetime.

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