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Women’s entrepreneurship in Greece

Τhe past years, women’s entrepreneurship in Greece has been more and more established. Prejudices and stereotypes, however, are still an important obstacle in the development of women’s entrepreneurship. Claiming a position of responsibility in a company from a woman, is against the social standards that restrain her in a lower hierarchical position or even worst in the house.


Equal opportunities?

Women have not the same opportunities with men, as the discriminations and unequal treatment still exist. The gap between the rate of men and women in labor market and especially in higher hierarchical positions, remain important. The gender prejudices that women accept, have negative effect in their development. In addition, their family obligations are another obstacle, due to the fact that they cover most of the part-time jobs.




Can women achieve it?

Women have competences, strong will and instinct, organizational skills, social responsibility and the required flexibility in the field of businesses. They are able to stand out as they dare, create and lay the foundations for a future, free of traditional stereotypes. They have active participation, take initiatives and conquer the business world. Women have learned in their lives to cope with multiple responsibilities and obligations and are able to keep balance. The most important is the absolutely comprehensive treatment of things and in most of the cases, they predict quite effectively every consequence of a specific step.


Society has a lot to gain from women in entrepreneurial sector.


The project WinOnLine

WinOnLine is the European project Erasmus+, which focus on women over the age of 40, with low digital and entrepreneurial skills who want to be e-entrepreneurs. The main objective of the project is to empower women to be more active and self-confident, in order to enter or re-enter to the labor market. The project is implemented by partners, from Finland, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania and Greece.