World Alzheimer’s day

World Alzheimer’s day 3

World Alzheimer’s day 

Every 3 seconds a new case of dementia is recorded worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, the number of people with dementia around the world is set to triple by 2050. Nowadays, in Greece, the number people with dementia has surged, reaching 200,000. The term dementia describes a set of degenerative brain syndromes that affect memory, thinking prosses, behavior and emotion. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and is a major medical and social problem for societies with high life expectancy.


World Alzheimer’s day 4Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease advances by destroying memory and other important brain functions. Symptoms appear differently in each patient and worsen as the disease progresses. Τhe elapsed time between the beginning of the symptoms and the final stages of the disease, is around 10 years. Usually, memory disorders are the initial symptom and gradually the patient is led to the dissolution of his personality.


Early diagnosis

Diagnosis of the disease at an early stage is feasible and has great importance as it affects not only the patients, but also his family environment. The caretakers of people with dementia will reach their physical and mental limits. Early diagnosis will give a reasonable time frame for information gathering and acceptance of the condition in order to maintain the quality of the life of the patients. Although there is no radical treatment, there are medicines that will stop the progression of the disease. The sooner, it is diagnosed, and drugs are administered, the more effective they will be.


Until effective pharmaceutical therapies are found, it is extremely important to keep the public informed of the magnitude of the disease.


September is World Alzheimer’s Month. Specifically, September 21st has been established as World Alzheimer’s Day to inform and raise public awareness.

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