World Youth Skills Day featured

World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated every year on 15th of July by UN decision and concerns lifelong learning. This day aims to emphasize the importance of developing the youth skills worldwide, for young people to overcome barriers in employment.

The increase of youth unemployment is one of the most important problems that societies are facing. The active participation of young people in sustainable development efforts is crucial to achieve sustainable inclusive societies. However, young people are more likely to become unemployed, are mainly employed in inferior jobs, face bigger inequalities and the transition period from school to the labor market lasts longer.

Aiming in empowerment of young people regarding their integration in the labor market and their employment, participates as a project partner in European Erasmus+ ΚΑ2 projects which aim at the development of youth skills, such as the following:


World Youth Skills Day 1“Dropping the Baggage”

The project “Dropping the Baggage – Investing in the future” aims to empower educators to provide a more personalized education and a holistic approach (according to the needs and skills of students), in order to reduce the rate of early school leaving. Moreover, the project aims to strengthen the skills of young people, both for their education and for their integration into the labor market.


World Youth Skills Day 2“S4EG”

The project “Skills For Employment: Acquiring employment skills in adult education through gamification” aims at developing the capacity of adult trainers to implement gamification as part of curricula to improve the basic competences of adult learners. An educational program for the acquisition of employment skills through educational games for adult trainers and 6 serious games for raising employment skills will be produced from this project during its two-year implementation.



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