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Crowdfunding in Greece

Raising funds for new businesses in Greece seemed almost impossible during the last years, due to the intense economic Greek crisis. Banks stop borrowing, because of lack of liquidity, and finding investors in Greece was rare.

Crowdfunding is probably the solution of this problem. It is an alternative way of fund-raising that it has benefits for both parties involved. The aim of crowdfunding is to help the Greek economy and generally the entrepreneurship to avoid the lack of funds. It offers with simple, economic and safe way the possibility of fund-raising to individuals and organizations who want to succeed.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is fund-raising from people. It is usually the fund-raising of a project from many people that each one contributes with low amounts, in order to cover the financial target. It is a popular method of raising funds that is implemented through the social networks and specialized platforms and the promotion becomes with many different ways.

The process of crowdfunding is effective, as the efforts of fund-raising becoming easier. The presentation of an idea in a crowdfunding platform, allows to those who are interested to know the projects and contribute if they want to.



Crowdfunding can be distinguished in three main categories:


Crowdfunding in Greece and Non-Governmental Organizations

Crowdfunding is an important tool for the fund-raising of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). Many Greek NGOs have started fund-raising through the crowdfunding campaigns, as they are facing too difficult conditions related to the fund-raising. Many campaigns have already been completed for the support and empowerment of Greek NGOs.




What is the project e-Patterns?

e-Patterns project funded from European Union in the context of the program Erasmus+ KA2. The main aim of the project is to support small NGOs and enhance the skills of adults practitioners in fund-raising. Project partners are organizations from Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Germany and Spain.

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