Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments, EU Leaders.

The EU Leaders project.

EU Leaders project focuses on enhancing the competitiveness and productivity of businesses through the development of strategic e-leadership skills. The project will develop a range of digital tools for the assessment, development, and also certification of e-leadership skills, in order to meet the needs of the labor market and supporting the digital transformation of businesses.

In order to achieve the above, through its implementation there will be created:

  • Guidebook of inclusion best practices on suitable digital working environments.
  • e-Leadership Model adopted within tech-based and non-tech-based organisations.
  • e-Leaders High-tech Course.
  • e-learning platform for Leaders.
  • Certification framework for the e-leadership skills.

The E(U)-leaders project responds to the need for (further) training with the goal of building competencies in leadership in the context of remote work. It addresses the needs of the labour market. It supports the digital transformation of businesses by developing a complex and reliable set of digital tools and approaches for e-leadership skills assessment, development, evaluation, and certification.

Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments.

Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environment is released. The Guidebook promotes e-strategies and e-tools organisations adopt in their daily management for ensuring the efficient virtual working environment of their employees.

The Guidebook is available in Greek, English, Portuguese, German, Slovenian and soon in Dutch.

Read the Guidebook here!

What does the Guidebook include?

The Guidebook includes everything that e-leaders of today, need to know. It includes:

  • What e-leadership is.
    • e-leadership and Covid-19,
    • opportunities and risks for remote working,
    • management and leadership
    • e-leadership as a concept
  • e-leadership in Europe.
    • current status,
    • measures, strategies, and human capital,

in Greece, Cyprus, German, Slovenia, Portugal,  and the Netherlands.

  • Good practices from:
    • Cyprus,
    • Italy,
    • Germany,
    • Austria,
    • Greece
    • The Netherlands,
    • Denmark,
    • Estonia,
    • Portugal,
    • Spain,
    • Slovenia.

This guidebook, addressed to leaders (entrepreneurs, employers, managers), shows good practices promoting strategies and e-tools that organisations adopt in their daily management. It introduces ways of working and gives helpful information on successful management standards and models for achieving operational and organisational success.

It is important to address these challenges to make the most out of the opportunities that come with digitalisation. Companies, especially managers, must be equipped with the knowledge to lead partly or fully digital teams.

In order to learn about the latest news of EU Leaders project, read the 1st newsletter that is released.

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