National Migrants Day

Despite the fact, that there are periods of intense outbursts of the phenomenon of human transnational movement, migration is not something new. In human history, there are periods that people massively leave their own country to seek a better life.

Nowadays, both causes and conditions of migration have changed!

These changes create great challenges but also opportunities. The need for coordinated management of migratory flows and for improving living conditions is one-way path for all countries. And with the appropriate interventions, all these people that are trying to assimilate in our western societies can be fully  reclaimed.

The migratory.

The migration issue is attracting people’s in Europe more and more attention today. Because of the unpredictable emergencies and the complexity of the situation, the challenges and difficulties of international migration flows require:

  • cooperation and
  • collective action.

Not only in the societies of origin but also in the destination societies.

It is estimated that more than 4% of the world’s population, more than 300 million people of all ages, live outside their homeland. Due to the extent of the phenomenon and its implications for society and human life itself, December 18 was proclaimed by the United Nations as National Migrants Day.

National Migrants Day.

In an effort to strengthen the UN campaign to protect the world’s migrant, on 18 December 1990, the UN General Assembly adopted the “International Convention for the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families“.

This day, wants to emphasize and draw our attention both to the challenge that this phenomenon creates and to the great contribution that immigrants can make to society, culture and the economy.

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