Next stop for Reimagine, Greece.

As the moment of the Reimagine project partners’ visit to Greece approached, our excitement grew as we would be the hosts of this meeting in the beautiful city of Patras. Finally, we would have the opportunity to present our creation, the online platform, one of the deliverables of the project that would be supported in essence but would also include the digital tool with accumulated information as well as online courses for educators. Thus, in mid-July, specifically on 10-11/07/2023, the 3rd face-to-face meeting took place.

The presentation began, and the results of the efforts so far from the member countries forming the partnership appeared before us vividly. The online platform was in the spotlight, the graphics started to emerge on the screen, the colors and images undoubtedly attracted attention, the content was clear, the objectives, the results, and the deliverables of the project were clear, the space for the online toolkit as well as the online courses was distinct.

Next was the discussion about the format and the elements included in the toolkit we were preparing. The goal was to create a tool that would enhance the knowledge of trainers and educators passionate about the Instructional Design Methodology and would also increase the digital tools that could be seamlessly integrated into their online training programs.

Finally, we dealt with the structure, content, and organization of the online courses that would lead to the completion of our project’s vision.

Our meeting came to an end, but we left full and confident about the next steps that needed to be taken so that everything would be in the right framework and timelines.

Stay tuned for Reimagine’s journey.

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