Old Habits

Once Upon A Time

Since the beginnings of mankind, the instinct of self-preservation has always pushed people forward, in order to overcome difficulties and evolve as a species. Not only have we evidence of rather complicated surgical procedures during ancient times, such as heart surgery in ancient Egypt, but also numerous deities that were worshipped, in order to bring good health to their followers.

From spirits in Africa, worshipped to bring healing and fertility, and cure illness and disease, to Aztec gods of medicine, and the numerous Celtic gods connected with the wellbeing of the people. Chinese and Egyptian gods, Hindu deities, and of course the ancient Greek repertoire of divine powers, that were to graciously offer good health to the worshippers, in exchange for the right offerings.

It was not always the case, of course, that medical practices were ahead of their time, as the 19th century is not that far; and if you think that’s too specific and you wonder what happened back then, keep in mind that is just the approximate date of official medicine abandoning gruesome, bizarre, and often extravagant medical practices. “Bloodletting” for example, the practice of spilling a big amount of a patient’s blood, in order to cure headaches, sore throat, or the plague. Right.

21st Century Patients

No matter the practices, beliefs, or rituals however, or how much these have changed as of today, one thing stays exactly the same: the need for health, safety, and wellbeing. There was, is, and will be. The knowledge is now of course broader, with more experiments and tests to back things up, and the living conditions are much better than what they used to be. People live longer, better, and healthier lives, even if the everyday rhythms advise us not to.

The plague might not be something to worry about in 2022, but other things are; things that most of the times, we do not understand that we, ourselves, are doing to the full. Sitting life, dietary habits as if there were advised by the devil himself, tons of stress, leading it to become second nature to most, and lack of exercise, are only the basics. And of course, apart from the personal stuff, our very own 21st century plague. Covid.

Covid took our world, gave it a good shake, swirled it nicely and without mercy, and through it back at us, telling us pretty much that, “hey guys, this is your world now, you got to live in it, do something. After all, you people brought all this on yourselves”.

Last one was way too rude Covid! Way too ru…ahhh it is true. We have got to admit the problem if we are to solve it now, aren’t we? And the truth is that, well we didn’t really bring Covid, but our societal structure is often responsible for people putting health issues in the backseat.

Modern Solutions

Health and wellbeing are, first and foremost, a matter of behavior and habits. And even if old dogs can certainly learn new tricks, and good ones too, it is better to pick them up as puppies. In the same way healthy habits are best acknowledged and picked up at a young age, instead of someone struggling to put them in their lives later on.

iLearn4Health has arrived, and it focuses on primary school students embracing healthy habits, by delivering high-quality health education. The DGBL method shall be implemented, so that children become familiar with the concepts of health and well-being, by playing educational games. At the same time, the teachers will be trained on the theoretical aspects of the concept, as well as the digital tools of the method. Students will have the chance to become educated on the concept of health and its values, while teachers will expand their skills and educational arsenal, via courses and tools developed with them in mind.

As Time Marches On

We often look back, hundreds or even thousands of years, and sometimes feel overwhelmed of the progress we have made as a species. And while that is true, it is also a fact that somethings are close to the old ways; more that we might think. The need for health and wellbeing, the instinct of self-preservation that is, is still universal and in search for answers, no matter if the ways, practices, or responsible gods, have changed. iLearn4Health is here to provide answers to the above, and play its part, in order to create a society with health and safety for all.

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