Second Meeting for the European Project LOST in Madrid

2nd Meeting for the European Project LOST in Madrid

The second meeting for the European project Lost (Erasmus + KA2) will take place on 18-19 June 2018 in Madrid, Spain. At this meeting, the partners will discuss the results of the research they conducted in their countries about the procedures applied when declaring a person’s disappearance. The overall conclusions will be included in a Report that will be a Deliverable of the Project. The partners come from countries with different mechanisms to deal with disappearances and it is therefore important to provide feedback on this information.

In addition, during the meeting will be discussed issues related to the design of the e-learning educational program, which will be addressed to employees and executives of organizations and bodies involved in cases of disappearances. The training program will be implemented through a specially designed online training platform, the design of which is p-consulting.

The partners of the project are p-consulting from Greece, SDS Pisana, ASSOCIAZIONE OMNIS and SIULP, Portugal, Desenvolvimiento Social, SOSDESAPARECIDOS from Spain, SOSU Ostjylland from Denmark and EfVET from Belgium.

For more information visit the website of Lost Project.

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