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The project S4EG!

A new innovative Erasmus+ Project (KA2) S4EG was launched in November 2020, in which p- consulting.gr actively participates.

The project is called “Skills For Employment: Acquiring employment skills in adult education through gamification” and aims in:

  • developing the capacity of adult trainers to implement gamification as part of curricula to improve the basic competences of adult learners,
  • creating innovative pedagogical tools and new technologies in adult education,
  • better understanding of the expectations and needs of adult learners through the use of serious games in the educational process.


Who is it addressed to?

S4EG project is mainly targeting to:

The project S4EG! 1

  • adult educators and associations of adult education organisations;
  • participants in lifelong learning;
  • professionals in adult education;
  • adult learners.

In addition, the project will also bring benefits to the following target groups:

  • educational institutions,
  • social care and employment services,
  • youth organisations,
  • policy makers


What is going to be produced?

During the implementation of the project, the following outputs will be developed:

1.  Needs analysis on gamification strategies for upgrading employment skills of adult learners

The aim is to create an integrated digital material containing articles, publications, studies and practical applications for the use of games in adult education. The material collected will be accessible to all interested users and will continuously offer up-to-date practice for a more interesting and interactive adult course.

p-consulting.gr will participate, along with the other partners, to the collection of the required data and to the development of the digital material.

2.  6 serious games for raising employment skills

Partners will produce 6 new serious games (both in physical (board-game) and digital (online game) form), tailored specifically for adult education purposes, using 6 key competences or soft skills, identified by EU employers as the most important non-formal skills. These educational games will represent the solid starting ground for the gamification Curricula which partners will prepare.

p-consulting.gr is responsible for the creation of the educational games, with the contribution of the other project partners.

3.  Educational program for the acquisition of employment skills through educational games for adult trainers

The training program will be attributed to adult learners specifications so to equip educators with gamification skills needed to assess and implement serious games as part of adult education process. The expected impact of this educational program will be for educational institutions to increase their capacity to provide innovative educational programs, for adult trainers to gain new knowledge and skills in the design and production of digital educational games and for adult learners to increase their employment skills

p-consulting.gr will participate to the development of the training material and to the validation of the final output.

4.  Collection of Case Studies

All partners will collect (and evaluate) good practice examples on implementation of gamification in education organizations at different levels with specific aim at adult education cases. Desk research will be performed by each participating partner, within the national context and in 3-4 neighboring countries for holistic approach, so in total 27 EU countries +UK will be covered, so as to get an overview of good practices which already exist.

p-consulting.gr will work on the collection of case studies from Greece and other EU countries.


Project partners

S4EGaming project involves partners from 6 EU countries, with extensive experience in the implementation of European projects:

Project partners have the necessary knowledge and knowhow, so as to implement project activities and develop project outputs.


First activities of the project

S4EGaming partners implemented the 1st transnational project meeting online on 24 & 25 November 2020 due to travelling restrictions as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. During the online meeting they discussed the first activities to be developed in the upcoming months, and fixed the needed deadlines .

The project S4EG! 2

Follow us to learn more about our project activities!

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