Creating the digital database of the EmpowerAI project

The EmpowerAI project, recognizes the transformative potential of AI in empowering women entrepreneurs to strengthen their business efforts. The project is implemented by 5 entities from Ireland, Finland, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

One of the tools to be developed is the EmpowerAI Compendium, a digital database of AI tools, a valuable asset for women entrepreneurs and VET teachers. Partners will need to conduct research to map existing case studies and identify best practices relevant to supporting startups and growing businesses, which will be included in the digital database.

The mapping of existing case studies will be carried out in 3 phases:

  • An online questionnaire will be created, targeting female entrepreneurs who either use or don’t use AI tools, as well as experts in entrepreneurship and in AI technologies for business activities, to gather information on the use of AI technologies.
  • Subsequently, field research will be conducted at national level by the project partners, sending the questionnaire to female entrepreneurs/experts.
  • Following the evaluation of the collected information, a minimum of 2 entrepreneurs per country will be selected for personal interviews. These interviews will be based on a structured questionnaire developed for this purpose. The aim is to collect the best case studies to be included in the EmpowerAI Compendium.

The identification of best practices will be conducted in 2 phases:

  • Desk research will be conducted in each partner’s country, to search for examples of female entrepreneurship that have effectively integrated the use of AI tools in their work.
  • Two cases will be selected from each partner, followed by interviews based on a structured questionnaire with individuals/companies/organizations for further analysis of the data. The results will be included in the EmpowerAI Compendium as best practices. A video will also be created with these interviews, which will also be included in the digital database.

In the EmpowerAI Compendium, we will gather the knowledge and experience of female entrepreneurs who have leveraged the power of AI technologies, so that it becomes a guide on the road to professional advancement and success for other women. It aims to unlock new perspectives and empowerment opportunities for women entrepreneurs, driving them towards success in the digital era.

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