Digital ECEC Project’s exciting updates in Newsletter No.1 October 2023

We are delighted to share a significant update from our ongoing Erasmus+ project Digital ECEC, “Make ECEC Institutions Fit for the Digital Age Leaving No One Behind”, in our Newsletter No.1.

This project represents a collaboration between four partner countries: Lithuania, Italy, Greece, and Spain, united by a common goal to empower early childhood education teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

The heart of our mission is not just to provide teachers with final products but to inspire them to develop innovative teaching tools and to facilitate the sharing of best practices. We are committed to finding novel ways to deliver educational content and harness the full potential of information and communication technology (ICT) tools to create an enriching learning environment for pre-school children.

Our journey began with the project partners coming together in Patras, Greece, in January 2022. While the pandemic prevented us from physically gathering, we leveraged digital technology to ensure the project’s momentum remained strong. During this inaugural meeting, we discussed and presented key steps and actions vital to the project’s success. Moreover, we shared stories and experiences that have accumulated over the years, a wealth of knowledge that we believe should not remain confined but be shared with the wider world. Our partnership is a testament to the collaborative spirit that can lead to significant developments in early childhood education.

The Compendium of Good Practices is a significant outcome of our efforts. It is a unique and innovative package of existing ICT tools specifically designed for ECEC teachers to help them identify innovative and supportive practices and tools to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. This comprehensive resource features 24 different tools from eight countries, including the Bee-Bot robot, Interactive floor, Cubetto, Maker@School, Sound tales, Toniebox, Reading with Leo, Coda game, and many more. Each digital tool in the Compendium comes with a brief description detailing the age group it is intended for, its purpose, and how it can be effectively used in children’s education.

As we move forward, we are excited about the outcomes that will follow shortly, so stay tuned for the next issue. Αρχή φόρμας

Τέλος φόρμας


For more information for the project’s results and activities, regular updates can be found on the project’s news and Facebook page.

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