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Discriminations in labor market

Discriminations in labor market 1

The employment is a fundamental human right, which is protected from the western states. It is considered as one of the main means of socialization and social integration. Through the employment, human has the capability to ensure a satisfactory standard of living, to feel productive and be member of a wider society. Many people, however, have not full participation in social and financial life, because of the existing discriminations. The discriminations in labor market are an often social phenomenon. Discriminations for the gender, age, ethnic or racial origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation or even disability.



What kinds of discrimination exist in workplaces?

  1. Direct: Direct discrimination occurs when one person is treated less favorably than another.
  2. Indirect: Indirect discrimination is a practice, policy or rule that applies to everyone, but for some people it has negative consequences. They may seem neutral, but for some people they discriminate against them.
  3. Harassment: Harassment is that behavior which has as objective or result the insult of person’s dignity and the creation of an intimidating, hostile, humiliating or aggressive environment.


European Union for the discriminations

Discriminations in labor market 2

European Union has enacted legislative framework that prohibit the discriminations. They apply to individuals, businesses of every size, unions, topical authorities, government and all the organizations of public and private sector. The aim of this legislation is the protection of human rights and the improvement of the economy. Equal treatment is a fundamental right in European Union. All countries in European Union have the obligation to adopt these equality rules.



The project InclEUsion

The European project Erasmus+ InclEUsion aims to tackle multiple discriminations faced by immigrants with disabilities in Europe. The combat of discriminations will be achieved through the development of new approaches and tools to support educators working with immigrants with disabilities.


Discrimination prevent work and social development and non-productive perceptions continue to exist.

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