e-VET4AI partners will meet in November in Italy.

The significant progress of the e-VET4AI project has started since the end of 2021 and will be completed by the end of the year. After dozens of online meetings, the transnational meetings in Spain and Germany, the Learning Teaching and Training Activity event in Germany, (LTTA), in November 2023, the project partners will meet, in person, for the last time in Italy.

What have we achieved so far?

Throughout the project and until today, partners have been working hard to develop its Tools, the Self-Awareness Tool (SAT), the Training Platform and App, but they didn’t stop there! They also created a database of Applications and case studies.

After several online meetings since the beginning of the project and having already started the development of the tools, in September 2022, the partners met for the first time, in person, in Spain. They were there to further discuss the best suitable project implementation activities and the development of the above-mentioned tools.

The tools were created and in March 2023, teachers from 4 different countries (Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium) had the opportunity to participate in the three-day Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA), organised by the project partnership and held in Frankfurt. During the LTTA, teachers had the opportunity to visit the Tools, try them out and give feedback on how to improve them. Necessary adjustments and corrections were made, and the tools were translated.

The project tools, in addition to the e-VET4AI website, are now available on the EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) website which is a dynamic online community and resource hub dedicated to adult learning. It serves as a central platform for educators, learners, policy makers and organisations across Europe to exchange knowledge, best practices and resources related to adult learning.

In November 2023, the partners will organise in their countries (Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Belgium) Promotional Events (workshops, seminars, etc.) in order to introduce the project and its deliverables to the public.

Also, in November 2023, the partners will be in Italy for the last time, hosted by ECOLE, in order to put the final touches and to participate in the final Project Event.

Learn more about the project here!

Stay tuned!

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