Empowering VET learners with cybersecurity skills in Patras, Greece through the AWARE project.

At p-consulting.gr, we are pleased to share the completion of an important event with special significance, the conduct of a workshop for VET learners on cybersecurity knowledge. The Piloting event took place at the welcoming venue of MELLON Foreign Language Center in Patras, Greece. It was a significant and highly successful event in our mission to prepare the next generation with essential cybersecurity skills.

Why is cybersecurity important for VET learners?

As technology evolves, digital literacy is not just useful but absolutely necessary, especially for VET learners who are entering the workforce. Recognizing the urgent need to address this knowledge gap in cybersecurity, through our AWARE project, we commit to providing learners with the opportunity to acquire more knowledge in this field.

In the EU, SMEs constitute the majority of businesses but face increasing cyber threats. It is, therefore, vital to secure them digitally. However, cybersecurity education is also important beyond professional careers.

We all want our youth to be prepared for their future employment. At p-consulting.gr, our goal with the AWARE project is to equip learners with the necessary knowledge to enter the job market while simultaneously protecting themselves and their loved ones as they navigate the online world.

Highlights from our pilot event

Our interactive pilot event was tailored to the unique needs of the participants. Here are what the attendees gained:

  1. Digital literacy: Strategies for preparing for the evolving digital landscape.
  2. Cybersecurity 101: Essential knowledge for protection against online threats.
  3. Security in the cyber space everywhere: Skills for protection at work and at home.

Analysis and introduction to the AWARE Knowledge Base with its four core modules:

  • Module 1: History of cybersecurity and understanding of current roles.
  • Module 2: The connection between digital transformation and cybersecurity and its importance today.
  • Module 3: Detection and mitigation of cyber threats, such as malware.
  • Module 4: Developing digital mindset and education for secure internet navigation.

We thank the MELLON Language Center for their exceptional support and hosting of the pilot event. Their dedication and commitment, contributed greatly to its success. Their warm and welcoming atmosphere was ideal for VET learners to explore cybersecurity.

We are excited for future collaborations to empower VET learners and create a safer digital landscape. We thank them for their unwavering support and being part of this journey.We thank them

At p-consulting.gr, we are committed to raising awareness and enhancing cybersecurity skills for VET learners and beyond. Follow us for more information as we work towards creating a safer, digitally empowered future! 🌐💼

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