Entrepreneurship School 2018 in Patras

The 2018 Entrepreneurship School in the city of Patras

The Entrepreneurship School, visited for the first time the city of Patras, giving to the potential and young entrepreneurs, the opportunity to discover the benefits of entrepreneurship and innovative education.

In the framework of this Entrepreneurship School visit to our city, P-consulting, demonstrated how a wannabe entrepreneur can acquire the culture of entrepreneurship and the role of new technologies in it. In absolute terms, with the mindset of the Entrepreneurship School team, that experienced entrepreneurs are the best teachers, we shared our knowledge and experiences with new motivated people.

At the same level, they also shared their experiences Ms. Stavroula Stoumpou and Mr. Panagiotis Tsagas from Susurrus, Mr. Ignatios Fotiou from TOBEA, Mr. Alexandros Tsilfidis from Accusonus, Miss Lena Philippou Korre from KORRES Natural Products, Ms. Athena – Polina Dova from Owiwi, Ms. Diana Voutyrakou and Mr. Pavlos Symentis from Unique Minds.

The process.

In the form of small presentations and interviews, entrepreneurs answered questions and discussed issues such as business policy, the business ecosystem, new technologies etc.

The Entrepreneurship School lasted one week, from Monday 26/02/2018 to Friday 02/03/2018, and during this week, participants were invited to live like entrepreneurs. The young persons visited a co-working space, during the week, networked with other young entrepreneurs, and at the same time they had to prepare a project that they presented at the end of the week.

The week ended with the final competition of business ideas.
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