flexibility and adaptability

In what world we live on?

…in hard times, everyone agrees. But is the situation finally so difficult compared to previous years?

flexibility and adaptability 1The answer can not be categorically positive or negative. On the one hand the explosion of technology and the solutions available to almost every professional need and at such a low cost probably give a negative answer. On the other hand, however, the rhythms are staggering! It is not very easy to keep someone up to date with all these developments.

Besides that, it is impossible to stay up to date with all these new B2B products or services that come up every now and then. It is also impossible to enjoy the full range of services that a company has to offer to say that the value for money ratio is positive.


Technological awareness

Analyzing the above a little bit further confidently, we can say that today it is easier and more affordable than ever to keep your company technologically aware. It is easier than ever to produce your products or to provide your services more easily and economically. It’s easier than ever to communicate with your customers and share your products. It’s easier than ever to geographically expand your business to places you did not imagine before five year. The planet is now easily accessible.

Equally accessible are also the corresponding tools available. Now it’s easy to get something and in a very short time on your door. It is now easy to buy a service after you have paid it electronically and put it into effect immediately, and the whole process less than 5 minutes! The cost is not significantly lower than it was in the past, and this is aided by the development of technology and the growing competition as well!

It’s worth?

But how effective is an investment in this technology? At this point we have to reform the question in a simpler way: To what extent do we need all this technology? Again the answer is based on competition. More specifically, someone could answer, until the point that would make me produce or provide quickly and profitable what my clients need.

All time classic

The questions:

why buy this product

why should I buy it from you

they need a constant response…


At a time when there are so many providers for the same product or service, specialization (The process of concentrating on and becoming expert in a particular subject or skill) and constant updating is simply a must. It is very difficult for a shoe store in a small town to resist the competition of a central e-shop that sells just the same product at a much lower price. It is very difficult for a tights manufacturing industry to resist the power of a large industry that exploits robotic production by reducing costs and increasing quality, while orders are made electronically (by customers and suppliers) and logistics are at such a low cost.

flexibility and adaptability 2

David & Goliath

So here we realize that it is no longer our question to fight the strength of the major producers or providers, but how to complement them. In this way survival is achieved on the one hand, but above all the distinction. In order to do this, we will need to become specialized in order to identify and meet the need that is emerging and technologically aware to meet this need in a qualitative, fast and economic way.

Specialization is therefore the secret to the development of entrepreneurship today.


The needs of everyday life change rapidly and we need to use it. However, specialization without adaptability is a theory. A theory in order to become effective must become practical. And this can be accomplished with smart investment. Investing is also the time we think, so let’s start thinking about how the market will be formed in the next five years so we can become part of it. Staying attached to what and how we produce or provide something today is simply outdated. Let us adapt to the needs of tomorrow! This will begin by slowly starting to listen to our instincts and stop simply following what is happening around us. It is far more profitable to spend a little of our daily time on informing ourselfs about other markets in order to get the general picture. The image of the external observer, which is proven (even in physics) to be crystal clear!


And after we realize we have to change,

let’s change!

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