Get ready for the First e-Magazine of the GUIDE Project!

Excitement is growing as the GUIDE project partnership prepares to launch the first e-magazine, an important milestone in the project’s journey towards promoting the upgrading the skills of professionals for gender-sensitive career guidance in Europe.

Scheduled for release in the middle of the project implementation period (around the end of May 2024), this first issue promises to be a comprehensive presentation of the partnership’s impressive achievements to date. GUIDE aims to upgrade the skills of Guidance and Career Professionals to provide gender sensitive career guidance.

Starting from explaining the main ideas behind the GUIDE project methodologies to presenting the efforts of our team, the magazine will provide an overview of our initiatives. You will find interviews with experts, information on Open Events, articles on our presence at leading conferences such as EfVET 2023 and ICERI 2023. The publication of this first issue will highlight the invaluable contributions of the partnership for gender sensitive career guidance.

At the heart of the magazine is the Partnership’s unwavering commitment to removing barriers and biases in careers, promoting a gender-sensitive approach that motivates individuals to make choices based on interest and ability rather than gender and stereotypes.

As we eagerly await the release of the first issue, (a member of the project partnership) invites you to join us on this transformative journey towards a future where all genders have equal opportunities for success and prosperity. Stay tuned for updates for the upcoming e-magazine of the GUIDE – Upgrading the skills of professionals for gender-sensitive career guidance project.

Stay tuned!

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