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How ready are you for the 3rd age?

Survey on individual later life preparation, as a member of the research team of the European Project “Sen Quality – Preparation for later life”, is running an online survey on the preparation of adults for their transition to 3rd and 4th age.


The Sen Quality Project

Sen Quality aims to inform and raise awareness among adults over 40 about the importance of active ageing and planning their lives in order to support well-being in old age.

To this end, a digital platform will be created, containing important information and useful tools, for the development of individual active ageing programs, depending on the personal needs and priorities of each user.


Online SurveyHow ready are you for the 3rd age? 1

From 1st to 19th March 2021, an online survey is being conducted to gather information on whether people over 40 are planning their early lives after 60 years and retirement and what areas they are focusing on for their active ageing.

The survey is conducted simultaneously in Greece, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland and Italy.

The results of the survey will be used to create an information pack to active ageing.



Participation in Survey

The questionnaire can be completed online at the following link: Survey Questionnaire

In case of a problem in completing the questionnaire or for providing further information, you can contact with company’s project team at 2611.811.200 or send a message to the following emails:,,

All information collected during the survey will remain confidential and will be used exclusively by the Sen Quality project team, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU and the current national and European legal framework for the protection of personal data.


Stay with us to find out the results of our survey!


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