Interviews of for Project GUIDE!

At the beginning of January, p-consulting.grconducted a series of interviews with three professionals (private and public sector) in the field of Career Guidance in the framework of the European Erasmus+ project GUIDE – Upgrading the skills of professionals for gender-sensitive career guidance. GUIDE aims to upgrade the skills of Career Guidance Professionals in order to provide gender-sensitive guidance. 

The series of interviews conducted by is an important step in the GUIDE project. This initiative aims to upgrade the skills of Career Guidance and Career Professionals in order to provide gender sensitive guidance on gender issues. 

The interviews were a key means of collecting the views of professionals on the creation of a digital tool to support the career guidance process. The project’s approach focused on identifying career decision-making and the influence of social stereotypes. 

In the current phase of the project, and the rest of the project partnership seeks to understand the decision-making styles of individuals and how they influence their career choices. Conducting interviews in Greece, Denmark, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain was a crucial source for the development of the tool. 

It is expected that this tool will provide a high level of support to Guidance Professionals for objective guidance without prejudice, regardless of gender and stereotypes. The resulting information will be processed to develop a tool that supports gender-sensitive career guidance. 

Finally, we would like to thank Ms.Papakota Katerina, Mr.Leles Thanasis and Mr.Notakis Antonis for their participation in the interviews, the views they shared with us on the development of the digital tool for the GUIDE project. 

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