KEYS meeting in Bilbao

KEYS! at Bilbao!, participated from 16 to 18 of March 2022, in the kickoff meeting for the KEYS! project, in the Basque Country, Bilbao. The kickoff meeting is the first meeting that takes place with the project partners. In this meeting, the terminology, for the project and its implementation activities are usually agreed and set for the rest of the project timeframe. Thus, the KEYS! project partners met for the first time and set the foundations for the implementation and the project timetable.

Education, the importance of Lifelong learning, sustainable employment, and the social integration of migrants, are the main objectives of KEYS! Project.

During the kickoff meeting, partners clarified the terminology of the project, to be sure, that there will be no misunderstanding of the terms, during its implementation. The common terminology was one of the main points of the meeting, as the partnership consists of 10 different organisations from 9 different countries. Partners discussed their expectations of the project, the challenges they might face in educating migrants, and analyzed how migrant education works in their countries.

Many different approaches emerged with this analysis, as in the countries of European North and South, migrants seem to have completely different characteristics. So, KEYS! project has a very difficult task to accomplish, which is to homogenize the necessary conditions for a smoother integration of migrants in education and vocational training.

Το KEYS!, στο Bilbao!

Another aspect that makes the KEYS! project so important today, is the Ukrainian Crisis, which arose from the violent Russian invasion. At present, more than one million Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries to escape the Russian invasion, and according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, that number could exceed at 4 million. European Union must therefore be ready to successfully welcome and integrate migrants and recognize the great importance of having all migrants trained, for sustainable employment and social inclusion.

KEYS meeting in Bilbao

During the three-day kickoff meeting, a workshop was held regarding the challenges faced by teachers, students and other stakeholders. In this workshop, partners were divided into small groups and exchanged their points of view, trying to understand all aspects (trainers – students). Then, they presented to the whole partnership what was shared per group and finally, agreed to create questionnaires in order to conduct a survey, which will provide them with all the critical and basic information needed, to implement the project.

Furthermore, partners analyzed the possible problems and obstacles they might face during the implementation of the project and in addition, they analyzed and outlined the project’s outputs.

Finally, despite the fact that the project is counting only a few months from its approval, has already created and presented, during the kickoff meeting, the website that has been created for the KEYS! project.

The KEYS! project webpage is available here!

Stay tuned for more!

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