O’Bias and unconscious gender discrimination at work

Gender equality in the labour market is an issue of increasing concern in Western societies. A general impression is that gender inequalities are consciously maintained.

O'Bias and unconscious gender discrimination at work 3

On the one hand, many recruiters tend to be biased in favour of one gender or the other. From the process of writing a job advertisement to interviewing a prospective employee, they show their preference towards gender.

On the other hand, however, there are professions that are difficult to attract a man looking for a job (e.g. kindergarten teacher, secretary, etc.), as well as others that are difficult for a woman to pursue (e.g. electrician, civil engineer, etc.).

But the reality is not so simple. Many times, all of us can be unconsciously biased without realising it.

The O’ Bias project

The O’ Bias Your future project seeks to combat practices that perpetuate gender inequality in job applications.

Self-assessment tool

In the current phase of the project, p-consulting.gr, in collaboration with the other project partners, is developing 2 digital self-assessment tools aimed at recruitment professionals and job seekers.

The main purpose of the tools is to offer them a free and easy-to-use way to identify gender discrimination practices they themselves use.


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